Lake Tahoe / California

Adventures in nature—for women who can’t stay still.

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The Ski Retreat


Adventurous women. Women who make life happen more than they watch it go by. Women who bring passion to whatever it is that they do. Women who can’t not.

We’re better when we’re together.

The Ski Retreat is an organized weekend to create space to connect, to disconnect, to learn and to play. Together.

Our days will be on the mountain—skiing, falling, and laughing over hot chocolate. Our evenings are set in our mountain home-for-the-weekend—eating good food, playing board games, and sharing stories over wine. Balanced.

We’ll return home feeling full—equipped with the confidence that comes from finding a group of ladies that carpe each diem just the way we do.

What to expect

How we see things


We believe that creating the space in our lives to to immerse ourselves in nature and sharing adventures with other women on the same, open-hearted wavelength reveals the meaning that we’re all looking for. Here’s our simple recipe to a great weekend for women.



The type of woman that joins for a weekend with unfamiliar faces—trusting in the power of shared intention around adventure—is the type of woman we need more of in our lives.

And let’s face it—meeting new girlfriends that we truly align with is hard. In a supportive environment of women like us, we can be more ourselves.

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There’s something about getting lost in the moment, about feeling the permission to truly let loose. It happens all the time in the mountains:

You embrace your helmet hair. You pour another drink to make the moments last a little longer. You dance when your favorite song is on—and maybe get everyone else to rock out with you. Just because.

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Being the best version of ourselves needs a space away from notifications. Breathing in air where you can actually smell the trees. Seeing the stars. Sliding down a mountain.

It fills your senses enough that you might even forget to ask for the wifi password and find something inside you that you didn’t know you were looking for.

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Spending three days and three nights in the same house as a group of ladies you’re only meeting for the first time is fertile soil for First Conversations.

First Conversations are when perspectives, curiosities and stories are freshest; when we’re most ready to really listen and learn from one another. This weekend will be full of them.